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How To Whitelist An Email Address Or Domain
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Occasionally we may send you an email or reply to an email you sent us which gets caught by your spam filter.

This is due to your email settings and will result in the email not showing in your inbox.

This article show how different applications manage spam and will help you to retrieve any email which your settings have labelled as junk and add them to the list of safe senders.

The most common email applications as listed below with instructions on how configure them to receive our emails.

MS Outlook

From the Select the Junk E-mail folder

Right click on email

Select Junk E-mail 'Mark As not Junk'

This will mark the sender as safe and move the email into your Inbox

You can also Select ''Junk E-mail'' and the click ''Add Sender To Safe Senders List''

You can also add to your safe senders list by following these instructions:

From the 'Tools' menu select the 'Options' menu

From 'Options' select 'Preferences'

Select 'Junk mai'l and then Add Safe Senders'

When Done click Ok

Yahoo Mail

If Yahoo interprets an email as SPAM, it will place it in your "Bulk" folder - located in the left navigation. It's a good idea to check this folder periodically. If you find an email in the bulk folder that you wanted to receive, simply open the email and click on the "Not Spam" button. This will help to train Yahoo's filters that this email sender is not sending SPAM. Note that this will not automatically insure that you'll receive email from the desired sender in the future. You've done your part to help in the fight against SPAM - now let's make sure that you receive the email notifications. To do this, follow these steps:

Open your Yahoo mailbox and click on the "Options" link in the upper right-hand corner)

Find the "Filters" link and click on it

We're going to set-up a new filter, so click on "Add"

In the "Filter Name" box, give your filter a name that reminds you of what it's all about - you might use something like "A Bug Free Mind"

In the "From header" section, select "contains" and then in the box immediately to the right, enter the text:

Near the bottom of the filter window, find the section that says "Move the message to:" and select "Inbox" from the dropdown box. In the lower left corner, click the "Add Filter" button

Voila! You've done it - you've told Yahoo that anytime it receives an email from to place in it your Inbox.

Login to your Hotmail account.

Hotmail will place any email that it interprets as SPAM in the "Junk" folder - located in the left navigation when you login. You'll want to make sure to check this folder every so often to make sure that an email you did want to receive did not end-up there.

If there is mail you would like to move from the the junk email folder select the mail which you want to move and click on Not Junk

You may also want to check the deleted items folder as every few days items in the junk mail folder are moved here.

You can insure that the messages are being delivered to your Inbox by adding us as a "Safe sender". Here's how:

Click on the "Options" tab in the upper right-hand corner and then click on "More options ...".

We want to add as a Safe Sender, so locate the "Junk e-mail" category and click on "Safe and blocked senders".

Click on "Safe senders"

In the box labeled "Sender or domain to mark as safe:", enter the following:

Click the "Add to list >>" button

That's it! There is no "save" button - you've now insured that you'll receive emails from

Note: Hotmail uses additional protection features that will block attachments, pictures, and links in the message. Our newsletter uses a number of graphics (pictures) and often includes links to our site. To see these, simply open one of our emails and click the "Mark as safe" link at the top of the email. This will add to your "safe list" and will allow all pictures and links to function in the current and future emails.


Log into your Gmail account

Firstly check for any mails in the Spam folder

If you find an email from us in there tick the box next to the mail and then click ''Not Spam''

To add an address to your whitelist first select Settings

From settings click on filters and then create a new filter

Add into the "From" box and then click on next step

From here click create filter to apply the rule


If you accidentally blocked someone's email address, it's very easy to unblock it, and you have two ways to do so:

Go into your Junk Mail folder

If you find an email accidentally labelled as spam click the "Unblock Spam" button. This will move the piece of mail back into your inbox, and "white list" (add to your safe sender's list) the email address of the sender

Alternatively click on the options tab and select the spam filters link. From here select add to whitelist filter

Now then enter into the specified box and then hit the "Add" button

Each entry will be saved automatically as you add them

AOL Version 9.0

AOL will move any email that it interprets as SPAM to the "Spam" folder - located at the left of your screen

If you see an e-mail that is not spam, click to highlight it, then click the ''This is Not Spam'' button

You can insure that the emails are consistently delivered to your Inbox by adding us to your address book.

Here's how:

Login to your AOL email account and open your email. If you were expecting an email from us and it didn't arrive, make sure you check your "Spam" folder

After opening the email, click on the button called "Add Address" - located at the right of your screen

You will notice that the email address "" has been auto-populated in the "Other E-Mail" field - this is fine! You don't need to fill-in any of the other fields, but you're free to do so if it helps you organize your contacts better

Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the Address Card window. You're done!


Email providers are always trying to find new ways to block messages they fear may be spam, most of the time they get it right but sometimes they get it wrong.

Please do a Google search sometimes and check how to whitelist an email within your providers system.

Best wishes


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