Who Answers These Support Tickets?
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I get asked quite often who answers these support tickets.

Well, the answer is any member of the support team can answer the tickets, but they are given the tickets by either me or Phil as we vet any message personally before they are answered.

Phil deals with most of them due to my busy schedule, but anything that says "Private for Andy" is only seen by me and anything that looks private is sent on to me if I do not see it first.

Once a ticket is passed to a support suite member they will answer it or pass it onto Phil if they feel his answers are needed.

Questions relating mindset or items like this should really be asked within the forums on the membership site so many people can read the reply, so don't be upset if we ask you to post the question there, after all we are trying to help lots of people, not just one or two :-)

So, now you know who answers these questions, feel free to post any you want on the forums, but support questions should be asked here.

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