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Posted by Phil Doolan, Last modified by Phil Doolan on 15 May 2012 02:16 PM

As I am sure your aware emails are not guaranteed to arrive in your inbox, things happen to them all the time.

However, we need messages to get through to you and you need a way to get messages to us in a guaranteed manner, so some clever spark came up with the idea of a dedicated support suite that although worked with emails, did not need to rely on them to get messages accross.

We use a system called Reslove, its been called other things in its life and there are many varying versions, but we like this one.

When you submit a support ticket all the guess work goes out out the window, you know we get the message because you wrote it in our system.

When we answer a support ticket, we know we have answered and even if an email does not get to you, we know you can log in and review it at any time from any location.

Primarily the support suite is for support issues relating to an order or an order process but we do try to answer other questions here too.

As a non member, this is the only way you can contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions quickly and as fully as we can, but some questions require more information and this is one of the reasons we created our membership site.

As you can guess, Andy is a very busy guy and he has to use his time wisely, sometimes he gets it right but much too often he get it wrong :-)

So, if you decide to ask him a question here, I cannot & will not guarantee he will answer it, not because he does not care but because he is simply too busy, this is not personal, he do it to everyone, even me and I am his best friend!

If you are a member you have a direct line to him via the forums & blogs, again I cannot guarantee he will answer but you have a much better chance there than here because your paying to be there and he likes to interact, although other members can and do answer your questions if he is not quick enough and as they are on the same journey as you, they sometimes can offer better advice.

There is another way to contact him and that is via an inbox that only he have access to, this is also only in the membership site and once again I will not guarantee he will answer every question, but he will try.

Best wishes


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