How Do I Register With The Support Suite & How Do I Use It?
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The help and support centre which we have implemented for your benefit allows you to contact us through the means of raising tickets which will be responded to by a member of our dedicated support team. We have found this method to be straightforward and secure and allow us to provide you with a fast and reliable system for dealing with enquiries and support questions.

In order to do this you will need first need to register with us. We have found that a common mistake is to assume that your membership login details are transferable to this service. This is not the case, your login details for the member site will not work in the support centre as it is a separate enterprise and will require you to validate your login details prior to submitting a ticket. We do, however, encourage you to use the same email address which is used for your membership account as this allows us to link your account much easier.

Please see the following steps for how to sign up!
  • From the support centre homepage click on the link marked 'Register'
  • On the registration page fill out the required fields in the box called 'General Information' (The email and password are ones of YOUR choosing)
  • When you have filled out all the details as indicated click on the button labelled 'Sign Up'
  • You will then be presented with the 'Email Validation Required' screen which displays your registration details.
  • Check your email account at the address which you supplied as an email will be sent from us. Please note that there may be a short time delay in the email arriving.
  • If, for any reason, you can not see this email please check your spam/junk filter. (Please see 'How to Whitelist') but if you are still unable to find the email we have sent, then please check that all the details were entered correctly on the registration screen if they are, then the email is on it's way. If they are not correct, start the registration process again.
  • Once you have found the email click on the activation link.
  • Provided that you have followed the previous steps correctly you will then be presented with the 'Registration Successful' page.
  • Congratulations, you have now registered for the support suite, you now can log into the support centre.
  • On your first log in you are presented with your account details, although you do not need to do anything here, this is where you make changes

You have now successfully registered for the support suite; you won't have to do any of this again.

How Do I Use The Support Suite?

Firstly now you are registered & logged in, the support suite looks a little different because now you have access to the ticket side.

If this is the first time you have used this system there will be no old tickets in the "View Tickets" section, if you have already used this then all old tickets and responses will be viewable here.

To submit a new ticket, click on the "Submit A Ticket" link and you will be presented with several options, choose the one that best suits your needs and click "Next".

Now set the priority, we realise that this is important to you but be realistic :-)

Now enter the subject, then the message.

As you type, the system checks the knowledge base for any relevant articles as the question you want answering may have already been asked & answered.

If you still require the ticket to be sent, click on the "Submit" button and you are taken to a confirmation page and an email is sent to your in box.

You can now close the support suite, or read through any knowledgebase articles while a member of the support team answers your question. (Please note this can take up to 24 hrs excluding weekends & public holidays although we do try to answer a lot quicker if possible)

What Next?

One of the support team will review your ticket and answer it, or if the message was for Andy Only, he will have a look and determine if it actually needs his attention or if it can be passed back to the support team.

When a ticket is answered you get an email sent to your registered email address containing our answer and a history of the previous entries, do not reply to this email as it will never be received, please use the support suite for all correspondence.

You can also see the ticket replies by logging into the support suite and clicking on the "View Tickets" link at the top of the page.

All of your previous tickets are shown here and by clicking on the relevant one, you will be presented with all questions and replies.

Within each ticket you have the option to post a reply or update the ticket, if you are satisfied with the answer, you can change the status from On Hold to Closed, if you feel a reply is needed then click on "Post Reply" in the top right hand of the screen and type away. When you click submit, the message is sent and the ticket status is changed to Open while you wait for a reply. Again if a reply is not needed then you can close the ticket manually.

Once the ticket has run its course it will be closed and emails will be sent asking you to rate the service, this is voluntary and can be ignored.

If at any time you feel you need to reopen any old ticket or you have more information to add, you can open any ticket and send us a message, this will re open the ticket and keep the previous history attached.

I do hope this article has been helpful and easy to follow, if not please submit a ticket and suggest any amendments.

Many thanks


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