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Shipping, handling and delivery charges
Posted by Phil Doolan, Last modified by Phil Doolan on 19 September 2012 09:58 AM


When we send out any physical product there is a charge to us for handling & postage, these charges are passed onto you the buyer.

As shipping, handling and other charges vary between item and item and destination it is not possible for me to give you prices here, but to find out the full price including shipping is not too hard to do.

Firstly, decide on what product(s) you wish to find out the final price for and click on the relevent buy now button, this will take you to a confirmation page where you can double check your order and remove any items you may have brought along by mistake.

Once you are sure this page has the products you wish to check on only click on the green "Check-Out" button.

This takes you to the payment page but do not worry, you can back out at anytime unless you actually fill everything in and click on the green "Submit Order" button.

As we are a United Kingdom based company, we show all prices in GBP (£) and the default country is set to United Kingdom, if you live or want the products delivered outside of the United Kingdom the shipping price will change automatically when you change the country field(s).

If you want the product(s) shipped to a different location to your billing information, please tick the box next to "Ship to a different address?" and fill in the details, you will see this will effect the shipping price automatically, if it does not please click on the small "refresh" button.

If the price is to your liking, then you can continue to fill in all the remaining sections and commit to buy, or you can scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Return to Cart" button where you can either amend your order or clear the cart completely.

We STRONGLY recommend that you clear the cart if you decide now is not the time to buy because some computers remember what is in the shopping cart and when you return, you may find more items in there than you actually want.

Hope this helps but if not please feel free to submit a support ticket to ask us to give you and estimate.


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