The help and support centre has been implemented for your benefit and makes it easy for you to contact us simply by raising a ticket. These tickets are all tracked so that nothing should be ever missed.

Your ticket will be responded to by a member of our dedicated support team. We have found this method to be very reliable, very straightforward and very secure and it provides us and you with a fast and reliable system for dealing with your enquiries and any support questions.

In order to Contact Us you will need first need to register with us (details below).

Please note: IMPORTANT - We have found that a common mistake is to assume that your membership login details are transferable to this service. This is not the case, your login details for the member site will not work in the support centre as it is separate to our site software and requires you to validate your login details PRIOR to submitting a ticket. We do, however, encourage you to use the same email address which is used for your membership account or other purchases as this allows us to link your account much easier.

Please see the following simple steps for how to register up!

  • From the support centre homepage click on the link marked 'Register' (that's the button above called register)
  • On the registration page fill out the required fields in the box called 'General Information' (The email and password are ones of YOUR choosing)
  • When you have filled out all the details as indicated click on the button labelled 'Sign Up'
  • Provided that you have followed the previous steps correctly you will then be presented with the 'Registration Successful' page. 
  • Congratulations, you have now registered for the support suite, you can log into the support centre.
  • On your first log in you are presented with your account details, although you do not need to do anything here, this is where you make changes should you need to.

You have now successfully registered for the support suite; you won't have to do any of this again.

IMPORTANT - After you are registered log in as directed & click on the 'Home' tab, you will be able to contact us by using the 'Submit a Ticket" tab.

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